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      IQ Condenser On-line Cleaning Robot
      IQ condenser online cleaning robot

      The condenser online cleaning robot is an intelligent cleaning system developed with integrated robot technology, high-pressure water jet technology and underwater sealing technology. It can realize the intelligent cleaning of condenser cooling pipes one-by-one and length-by-length to keep the condenser highly clean constantly, thus increasing vacuum degree, reducing terminal temperature difference, and improving unit efficiency. It can replace the gluey ball cleaning and manual offline cleaning of condensers.

      It is verified that after the use of condenser online cleaning robot, the average terminal temperature difference of units decreases by over 2℃, the average vacuum pressure increases by over 0.5kPa, and the average coal consumption decreases by 1-2g/kWh.

      • High cleaning coverage

      Mechanical arms could be used for hole cleaning one by one. Mechanical joints are driven by permanent magnet synchronous motors, and dynamic positioning is realized through high-precision RV reducer-driven mechanical arms, with repeated positioning precision reaching ±0.5mm, realizing accurate hole aligning and real comprehensive cleaning without omission and repetition. The actual entry length of cleaning hose could be controlled through a winch according to the length of condenser tube, with scale removal rate reaching over 90%.

      • Reliable flushing control

      The nozzle clamp of mechanical arm could be integrated with the sensor to reliably inspect the position of the nozzle, thus avoiding false triggering caused by using ordinary proximity switches. Meanwhile, winches could be used to control the length and tightening force of water pipes, and the cleaning length could be controlled according to actual condition of cooling pipes; separation of cleaning nozzle could be avoided.

      • Powerful cleaning capacity

      High-pressure cleaning nozzle enters into the cooling pipe directly for cleaning under the control of servo system, realizing targeted cleaning and effectively increasing the heat exchange efficiency of cooling pipes. The high-pressure water jet from the nozzle forms a certain angle with the pipe wall, generating a relatively large shearing force for remove a variety of dirts while not causing damage to the pipe wall through direct impacting.

      • Strict sealing protection

      All power and driving elements are mounted inside the mechanical arm, and the mode of mechanical sealing is adopted at the joint of the mechanical arm for dynamic sealing, with the protection grade reaching IP68 and long-period zero leakage, thus ensuring the safe operation of motors and mechanical elements in a fully-closed environment. Meanwhile, the problems such as line damage and water leakage caused by external wiring could be avoided, which significantly improves the use reliability of products.

      • Ordered winch guiding

      The winch uses the patented guiding system of the Company, realizing regulated and reliable guiding and avoiding the phenomena such as jammed water pipes and unbalanced torques caused by loosing, bending, etc during the releasing and collecting of water pipes.

      • Universally-adaptive installation orientation

      Considering the external space of the condenser, the winch can be mounted at different positions such as the top and wall of the condenser according to actual positions, and the direction of winch outlet can be adjusted freely along the shell circle.

      • Precise motion control

      The motion controller sends out control instructions to control the motion of the mechanical arm, precisely position the pipe opening, and accurately control the releasing and collecting of pipes, thus guaranteeing the precise incoming/outgoing of cleaning water pipes and the cleaning of the condenser pipe. System power source is provided by the servo driving system, realizing better system stability, high precision and faster response.

      • Friendly operating interface

      The operating system of the system is mainly composed of the major monitoring interface and several pop-up subgraph, and operators can control the system operation manually or automatically through this interface. In the state of manual operation, operators can start/stop the operation of water pumps, release/collect water pipes, move the mechanical arms, etc. independently; in the state of automatic operation, the cleaning area, interim shutdown time, etc. can be configured flexibly, and the condenser cleaning in the entire set area can be completed through a single start/stop button. To send the system operation information to the operator, the system also has the alarming function. Apart from operation, the system also has other powerful functions such as storage of historical data, query of historical trends, and storage and query of operating and system operation logs.

      • Flexible configuration tools

      Control logics, etc. could be designed and modified through configuration tools. In addition, the logic of the entire system can be downloaded without any impact on the control state.

      Contact service team
      • Contact:Mr He
      • Contact number:13605174216
      • Mailbox:heyb@sciyon.com
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